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Communication within and without

Who is our real friend, we or someone else. When we miss someone amidst happiness, we actually need that person. However what if the one we are missing is us.  When we trust someone on the face of adversaries, we trust that person more than ourselves. However, what if the only one we remember is ourselves.

Even in the middle of a pool of human beings, the cleverest animal on the Earth has the ability to be lonely. Somehow it becomes difficult for even multilingual people to communicate effectively. Man is a social animal. Still he sometimes ends up sitting in front of a counsellor or worse a psychiatrist.

What is communication? Who developed so many languages and different dialects for almost each of them? Why is Spanish different from Hindi? If the world started from a single entity, regardless of whether it is a cell or Adam(the first human being according to Christianity)or Manu(the progenitor of human race in Hindu mythology), what made their descendants vary so much in their greatest skill of communication. Who can provide an answer. Historians are themselves learning ancient languages and scientists have developed highly sophisticated equations as their language.

Expressions are another medium where the same word with the same meaning and same spelling can be said to mean different meanings with different expressions. All with the limited muscles given in the limited area called face by the all-powerful.

When the heart, mind, soul and body actually communicate words vanish and expressions are any one amongst the possible many but the messages conveyed are absolutely clear and properly heard and are so strong that the deaf  hears, the blind feels and the dumb replies. And that’s when human beings actually becomes  social animals who like any other animal communicates without words however with honesty in communication.

Right v/s Right or Right v/s Wrong

Fights are common in life. Sometimes it is a clash between right and wrong, sometimes between wrong and wrong and sometimes between right and right. The least problematic being the former and most problematic being the latter. What governs our choice of right and wrong and what governs our choice of winning or losing the argument?

Each individual has a separate mentality, personality and is a unique element in this world with her or his own discretion. And what is right for one may need not be the same for the other and that is where the clash occurs. If both the individuals are indifferent to one another’s opinion things are smooth. Problem occurs when this very same difference in opinion occurs between different people in a relation to each other. A son may feel like helping a beggar on the road with alms but the father may feel more for parting with his hard-earned money. Who is correct? Bystanders may talk noble and ask to give alms describing it as a way to salvation. Still we all have been taught to value hard work. The father’s hard work is valued by his money which he does not want to part with for a beggar doing nothing.

A girl may think that wearing the dress she likes is her right however her brother may think that it is unsafe. The latter is a  fact , still accepting this fact will only change things for the worse. Government may feel that reservation for lower castes will ensure their betterment whereas a student from upper caste with good marks who failed to get an admission for a desired course may find this an unfair practice. Starting from our very personal life to international relations the clash between right and wrong, sorry the clash between one another’s right creates problems.

Keeping all the virtues, ideals, principles, believes and facts etc. aside, what is correct and which has to be applied depends on the situation. With entire life being hypothetical and unpredictable and situations as complicated as human psychology itself one should learn to stop classifying in the affirmative and negative. Coexistence is the key. Be open and independent at the same time. Let others differ. Allow people to think. We should teach and train ourselves to accept differences.

To my dear friend…

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As we grow up, the way people behave with us, but friends are the only people who behave the same way regardless of our age. This friendship day dedicate a poem to your best friend.

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You were always there with me,whether at home or any other place.

You did not wait for me,to ask for help or solace.

You were as silent as a breeze,which is always there and fails to cease.

I thought you were testing my strength, by storming my life.

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But I failed to recognize your presence,in the same ship of mine.

If you made me survive the storm,it was only because of your love.

For you wanted me to be strong enough,to achieve any desire.

Today, I again feel your presence,and make me realize once again that you are omnipresent.

Life is full of barriers,but come what may dear friend.

For your breeze of love and care,makes me a wind which is hard to bear.

For any barrier that dare to stare.

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Success V/S Failure


Image result for images of success and failure                                                 Few days before I saw mother watching a serial. The main actress was a girl who had the natural ability to make song based on any topic within few minutes and sing it beautifully. She was the daughter of a great musician. The musician also had another daughter who lacked the ability to even hum a song. Everyone liked the former daughter however the later, although not abandoned, was not acclaimed or praised by anyone else, except by her even more wicked mother and grandmother( as usual).

Image result for images of success and failure                                                            The makers of the serial were simply making use of the ever winning formula. The crowd always accepts anything which is successful and deny anything which is  not. People often say that success and failure are the two different sides of the same coin. Then why is it so that parties are kept only to celebrate success and not failure.

It has been years that great philosophers are trying to convince people that success and failure are to be treated equally. However, their great works were praised for their in depth knowledge and they were regarded as successful.

Image result for images of academic success and failure                                                                                             The topper of a class is awarded for her success in the race of marks. Does any one care for the person who scored the least? The greatest award ceremony for films, the Oscar awards however have acclaimed success as well as failure. Just one day before Oscar awards the Raspberry award show is kept for flop films of the year.The fact that out of hundred people hardly ten would have heard about it is not their fault.

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People are still ignorant of the fact that most of a person’s ability comes from his genetic ability. Which comes unasked from parents, and thus being talented is just being lucky. What we should respect, accept and acknowledge is will power and  hard work. Developing one’s natural ability is one’s own effort. That should be accepted.Only then would the works of those great philosophers succeed.

I hope I am successful in conveying this message.

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                             You are expected to do an action. the brain sends the necessary signals to your body, based on the already stored information or on it’s own analysis. Right from brushing your teeth daily to giving speeches before hundreds your body has almost the similar structural and functional capability. Then how come does this happen that brushing your teeth seems a a thousand times an easier job than delivering a speech?


                               Simple, while brushing your teeth, you know that those teethes are not going to judge you nor complain about you. Still if at all you are careful is thinking of your beautiful smile or your mother’s scold. That is not the case while delivering a speech. You are careful of those keen eyes whose coldness strikes your heart only to cause sweat to roll down your foreheads and your heart to pump blood like a motor whose power can be felt. And this is called ‘Nervousness’.


                             Outside our home or sometimes even within we are always trying to prove our abilities to someone or the other. Right form dressing nicely to performing something we are cautious about what people might think of us. We make ourselves vulnerable for their views or scrutiny.

The mistake is not their’s, it is ours who cannot view ourselves with our own view point rather depend on others to merit or demerit us.We do have to be careful while doing anything, from brushing our teeth to speech giving, but above all we should be aware of the fact that life is a game with tasks and levels. We succeed not while winning every task, but while we do not quit.